Day Maker

I didn’t have the best day ever today, but when I opened the mailbox my heart warmed up a few degrees!  In my mailbox was a beautiful little card, filled with Black Plum tomato seeds that I had been looking for to plant in my wee girl’s purple garden this summer.  The card is made from natural fibres with seeds woven into it that can be planted, how neat is that? Needless to say, this extremely kind gesture and the lovely note made both of our days especially sunny!


Very happy little hands. Her face was even sweeter.


How neat is this paper?! I will have to “plant it” in the spring and see what happens!

Thanks so much to Marguerite from for the Day Maker!!

6 thoughts on “Day Maker

  1. What a lovely post, you’re very welcome! I hope you enjoy the tomatoes. I usually start them indoors in late March, early April. The taste is a very strong, smoky flavour. They are great in just about everything. Eating fresh, adding to pasta, soup, salsa. I haven’t had late blight so far when growing them so not sure how they’ll hold up. ~M


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