Day Maker!

Our big girl went for a sleepover, leaving my husband and I some alone time with our wee girl this morning – a real treat for her that rarely happens.  We took her out for a special breakfast and let her order PB&J on homemade bread and jam, without crusts – the café’s “specialty”!  We played tic tac toe while we sipped our coffees and listened to her babble on endlessly about her little world and all the happenings with her little friends. She thoroughly enjoyed her spotlit pedestal!  On our way home, we passed a greenhouse that had just opened for the season and we had to stop, the snow is getting to us and the opportunity of visiting a warm, sunny nursery full of new life was more than we could pass up.  It turned out to be the highlight of her special day – the wonderful ladies let us look around the blocked off part of the greenhouse where they showed her how little plugs were transplanted, we watched a guy way up on a rolling platform fertilizing hanging baskets and she happily wandered through the rows identifying which plants she was growing herself at home.  She was very proud of herself when she discovered her Coleus plants were bigger than those at the greenhouse!

While my husband busied himself learning about pest deterrents, my wee girl told the ladies all about her flower babies and picked out a pot she wanted to buy with money she had earned cat sitting.  Megan, an absolutely lovely staff member, made her a deal that if she promised to plant one of her coleus’ in the pot and bring it back in to show her sometime that she could have the pot for free!!!  Well, that was just the icing on the cake – Little Miss had a smile on her face the whole way home!  So, Megan, here is a picture of the little plant in the pot that made one little girl’s day (we will definitely bring it in for a visit as requested)!  What a great stop – you ladies truly were her “day maker” today!



Thank you to both of the lovely ladies at Bloom Greenhouse for being so kind to a budding gardener!

8 thoughts on “Day Maker!

  1. Aw, that’s super sweet! With four, we each must carve out individual time with each child. That one-on-one is so important — it really makes a child feel special. Her Coleus looks like a giant super star.

    I hope that things thaw out for you soon. I feel a bit guilty that I finished up the garden space today. Four beds with veggies down, only two (new ones) to go (saving for ‘greens’). Dirty from head to toe!!

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    • I love one on one time (well- 2 on 1), I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to work less and be present more often. Don’t feel guilty about your garden, just send lots of pictures so we can all pretend!! I did find a 4 foot patch of the flower bed that had melted yesterday and I weeded it!! I also found the worm bin that had been buried under 3 feet of snow – I feared the worst but they were very happily making me compost – a full litre! They have a new bed and lots of new food to say sorry for not digging them out 🙂

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  2. I cannot wipe the silly smile off my face! Thank you SO much for the pictures and kind words. your daughter is so precious. I was seriously impressed with what she told me and how knowledgable she is with her plants. She made my day.

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    • Really Megan, it was such a great experience for her! In fact, her teacher asked her class to bring something special to school for the week (a stuffy, book, toy…) and she took her little pot and coleus to school!! I had to send an e-mail to her teacher to explain, I am sure she has never seen that go to school! She keeps asking when we can go back to show you for real. Keep the silly smile, you deserve it for making a wee girl feel so special 🙂


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