Wildlife Wednesday, May 5th, a guest post

My eldset daughter decided she would start to follow the Wildlife Wednesday meme, here is her first encounter and entry!  Enjoy!


This is a chickadee.  I decided to take a picture of him one because the golden finches were apparently busy and two “stormin Norman”  (our pheasant) might’ve been with his lady friend Norma. All the better for this little chickadee who was the star today.  I sat on the patio tiles waiting for some sort of wild life to come to me even though I knew that if I wanted to find stormin Norman than I would have to look but…I am too lazy.


I just sat and waited until a little Chickadee (whose name I decided would be Moonlight because of all the beautiful dark colors) flew over.  I was delighted.  I snapped as many pictures as I could and then decided to try to hand feed the other Chikadees.  It didn’t work.  But one did come about two feet from me and then stared at me like I was ridiculous. I gave up.  At least I had figured out how to do it before so I wasn’t at much loss.  I threw the seeds aside and ran inside.  I sit here now wondering what happened to that one little Chicadee.  Maybe he joined the other birds.  Maybe he was staring at stormin Norman and Norma trotting around yards.  But what I’m guessing is that Norma doesn’t know stormin Norman is a player.  He can sometimes be seen with a smaller pheasant named Gladys. So maybe that one little chickadee is watching them and chirping hysterically knowing who stormin Norman really is on the inside…a scoundrel.

image So that’s why I have a picture of a little bird named Moonlight.

Ally Griffin (not my real name!)

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