Beautiful Blooms – June 7th

The sun came out today after a cold, rainy week and with it some more beautiful blooms to enjoy with a Sunday morning cup of coffee!  We even found our very first tomato blossom this morning smiling at the sunshine, that means some yummy tomatoes are on the way.  Most of the pictures were taken by my girls this week, which certainly adds a new perspective to the blossoms in the garden and in the woods. I love getting to see what they see through their sweet little eyes. Happy Sunday to everyone!

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.” ~ Unknown

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Blooms – June 7th

  1. Awe! So pretty up there. Those opening blossoms…wow. We are entering the dog days of summer here, over 90 degrees a month late, and plants already look like they have a good case of mange. But the tomatoes and peppers and eggplant are spewing forth fruit like there’s no tomorrow. Good thing they don’t need me. I’m too busy to garden!


    • Wow – that is too hot for me for sure! Glad to hear you are still enjoying some splendours and hopefully enjoying your summer with the kids! We watched the movie Dirt! as a family last week – it was fantastic and the kids really got a lot out of the message, thank you again so much!

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