Tree Following – My Wee Girl’s Magnolia in June

My tree is getting bigger!  It is bigger than last month! This picture is from far away.  It has friends, a blackberry, a maple and a spruce. It is very happy this month!


These are it’s babies, they are buds. There are lots of buds but there are no flowers yet.


This is it’s bark that protects all of the branches, leaves and buds.


These are it’s leaves, the buds grow on them.  I think that there is 100 leaves. Wait, I don’t know?! Actually, I think there are 97 leaves…


See you next month!!!

6 thoughts on “Tree Following – My Wee Girl’s Magnolia in June

  1. What a delightful post about the tree your daughter is following, monthly. Tell her I think this tree is very beautiful just like she is. Growing in a garden with lots of love from her.. hugs from Laura in Ontario…


  2. I am so thrilled with the update. Your tree looks beautiful, little Miss! You are doing an awesome job! My coleus are getting bigger and even more beautiful. I tell all my friends the story about how I got it and they all think you are a very sweet, thoughtful girl and they would be very right!
    Love, your biggest fan!


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