Wildlife Wednesday – Peter Who?! – A guest post!

The rabbit is back visiting us on a regular basis – so far he has left the garden alone!  My oldest girl has some thoughts about the bunny’s background – it made me belly laugh!  


         Hi I’m Peter. Not Peter Cottontail like most people would assume since I’m a bunny. No, I am not a hare, though I hear I look very, very much like a rascal that gave a nice family nightmares…No if I had a carrot for every time a little kid saw me and said…“What’s the bunny’s name?” and then the mother would always say…“That’s Peter Cotton tail honey,” I would be fat like my brother Peter. So please, do me a favour and don’t call me Peter Cottontail, call me by my real name. Peter Radish. That’s my real name.  Now if I had a carrot for every time a kid saw me and said…“What’s the bunny’s name mommy?” And the mother said…“That’s Peter Radish.”, well I’d be skinny like my aunt Peter.

But let me formally introduce myself, Peter Radish. I come from a long line of Peters. It all started with My great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather carried over twice and so on. Who was named… can you guess? Winford. He didn’t like his name.

Then when he found out his kid number three had two sets of quintuplets he got to work trying to first eat a carrot then think of a perfect name for all of them that would continue through all the generations for the rest of life itself. But due to an unfortunate accident involving a dinosaur he never got the chance so the parents named them all Peter. Not even knowing about the name Peter Cottontail at all!!! But one thing those quintuplets honoured from there grandfather was that all they’re kids would be named the same as them. So they did and then the ice age wiped them all out. But I guess miraculously a bunny managed to write a note to the next generations of bunny’s detailing the “Rule of Peter”. And that’s how it all began.


It’s a family tradition to name all your kids Peter. And that can get confusing if you know how many kids a bunny might have. It’s especially confusing at family reunions. A normal conversation there might be…

“Peter! I need your help.”



“One sec”

“I can’t right now, I’m helping Peter.”

“Wait who said that? Peter?”


Everyone’s chatting among themselve’s when one bunny yell’s…

“I’m changing my name to Wolly!!!”

Silence. Everyone turns around and stares.

“Just kidding!” Everyone laughs and continues there conversations while munching their carrot or drinking their carrot punch.

And then my personnel favorite… gossip.

So Peter is telling Peter about life at his house far away in the town across the street.

“So my new job is crazy demanding. I mean, my new boss, Peter, is limiting everybody to five carrots while at work. Of course Peter and I just wouldn’t stand for that. So now we all eat five and a half carrots.”

“You think that’s bad?! Peter just caught the Peter pox. You know the illness that Peter had the other day. Ya, spread it to all the kids, even Peter.”

“Well that’s just horrible.” Interrupts Peter as she continues with her life… “My brother just got promoted to the P’s squad. You know the one that Peter just retired from last year. I can’t even believe the things he made Peter do. They had to cross the border to spy on the Hare’s. They even had to find Peter who was captured. They threatened to take all of his carrots if he didn’t tell them where the safe full of the organic carrots was.”

“Wow that’s horrible.”

“Absolutely horrid!”

“Secret service alright!”

“Ok, everyone knows Peter right?”



“Know him like a brother!”

“Well he told me that Peter told him that at the carrot fest Peter called him from the garden club that Peter had heared in the bathroom Peter said that I have big ears!”

“The nerve!”

“I know, it’s not my fault! My dad Peter had big ears to.”

“All bunny’s have big ears.”

“Ya, well if you ask me, that guy has a bushy tail.”

Needless to say, it gets confusing, so I look for some peace and quiet from time to time. Gossip can be overwhelming.  I know this nice little place…the deer talk about it at the weekly woods meeting…they call it “The Garden”.  More about that another time, I need to live up to my name and find some radishes.  Yum!


To be continued

14 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Peter Who?! – A guest post!

  1. Haha! She is an amazing storyteller and photographer. You should be very proud! Oh, and I life those rascally Lagomorphs. They keep us entertained here too.


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