Day Maker – July 11th

We had a photo shoot this weekend!  Yes, a real, live, garden photo shoot with real, live professional photographers, Riley Smith and Meghan Whiten!  The girls and I got to dress up in our best gardening clothes, don our floppy hats, pick some veggies and strike a pose…or 20…!  The girls thought it was amazing, especially getting to meet 2 lovely people who make a living from taking pictures.  My oldest had a lot of questions and my wee girl, well, she showed up with flowers in her hair and a whole lot of sass (the good kind!) What a ham she is.

Why? Well, Money Sense magazine is doing an article featuring our backyard veggie garden after they saw our little blog posts “Picked and Planted” later this summer (thanks to Niki Jabbour for telling them about us!!).  They were quite interested in how much could be saved in produce bills by growing our own veggies and getting our children involved in the process. I have to say that I am truly amazed at the interest people have shown in the garden and our blog, it is quite the adventure we have had so far!  We are certainly never going to be rich from giving free interviews but the experiences the girls are having truly are priceless (and how cool will it be when the magazine arrives in the mail with their picture on it – I dare say it may be the best “What I did this summer story” EVER!!)

So a big thanks to Julie Cazzin from Money Sense for noticing us, Niki Jabbour for spreading the word about our blogging project, Megan from Bloom Greenhouse for helping my wee girl pick out the best gardening shoes for me ever and, of course, to Riley and Meghan for the super fun morning in the back yard!  Who knows what adventure we will have next?  Oh wait…we need to pick peas and weed again – do they count as adventures?! Watch for the article to come out later this summer – our secret identities may not be so secret anymore….

image image image

13 thoughts on “Day Maker – July 11th

  1. Isn’t it just the best? You are doing something healthy and wholesome AND you get recognized for it! What a lovely lesson for your girls, both Wee and otherwise. Very excited for you all. Bravo.


  2. Congratulations! I am so excited for you and the girls. No need to get paid — you are spreading the Soil Gospel and showing others that it CAN be done. Enjoy your limelight. You and your wonderful blog certainly deserve it. 😀


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