Picked and Planted – 6 July to 14 July

This week we picked:

Sugar Snap and Oregon Giant Snow peas – over 6 litres of them!!


Baby Beets and Market Express Turnip

Red and Spanish Onion

Early broccoli (it started to bolt before the heads got big so we ate it anyways!)

Garlic Scapes


Kale, Swiss Chard, Lettuce

Herbs – Chives, Sage, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley, Basil, Mint


We picked the last of the Strawberries and Haskaps (single tear…they will be missed!)

We also tried some edible flowers – the Lavender is wonderful as a tea, the nasturtium was not a taste I enjoyed and I am still not sure about Calundula petals…..

Approx savings compared to local market: $98.35 (Total $435.25 since 26 May)

Total weight picked this week: 15.11 pounds (Total since 26 May – 79.42 pounds, which is more than my wee girl weighs!)

This week we planted:

A few extra Marketmore 76 cucumbers to fill some gaps

Replanted Laurentian Turnip for the fall because the pheasants ate all of the seedlings….

From our garden to yours, have a great week!


“It might take a year, it might take a day, but what is meant to be will always find it’s way” ~Unknown

7 thoughts on “Picked and Planted – 6 July to 14 July

    • Mostly all raw or steamed- I will try to freeze some if there is any left over, but so far this year not a single thing has been left over….I can’t believe how much our family can eat when it is fresh!! I can a lot of the salsa ingredients later in the year and freeze wax beans and grated zucchini when they are ready. The herbs will definitely get dried and frozen when I get around to it and there will at least a case of pepper jelly made. What do you do with all of your bounty?


      • Sounds marvelous! This year we don’t have much bounty. New gardens with new soil only have a little to give. I’m a big fan of freezing simply because it takes the least amount of work during harvest time. I’ve been wanting to use a pressure canner but haven’t had the requisite haul to justify the work! Maybe next year 🙂


      • I hear you on the new garden dirt…I am very sad about my new beds this year, the seeds and seedlings are very sad and stunted. I don’t think we will get anything of consequence from them this year. I hope to add a lot of manure, compost and maybe leaves this fall and let the worms go to work!

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    • Ooooohhhh, I like the scapes as much as the bulbs – they are good in pasta, as pesto, grilled on the bbq….. I didn’t get as many as I wanted this year because my garlic crop is pretty poor from the hard winter. i will have to mulch them much better this fall in case we have another long hard winter. Highly recommend scapes!!!

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    • Oh – and the peas don’t last long in the house – we eat them raw dipped in hummus, in stir fry or just sautéed as a side with butter and garlic. The kids will blow though a big bowl for a snack in no time flat!! We ate almost 2 litres raw last night for supper between the 4 of us and another family!! I have frozen them in years past as well for stir fries in the winter.

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