Picked and Planted – July 15 – 23

This week we picked:

Our first Black Beauty zucchinis and the last of the garlic scapes and spinach


Lots of fresh basil!!  Mmmmmmm…..time for basil pesto!


The first raspberries are ready for picking, we are hoping for a good crop this year provided the rain stops and we get a few good hot days again.  We managed to pick a pint before the heavy rain came today.

My little hands also found one ripe blueberry, of course it had to be picked!

image image

We continue to have an abundance of Sugar Sprint and Oregon Snow peas, chard, kale, lettuce, herbs and onions.


For good measure, we added some edible pansies to birthday cupcakes – a little something extra!


Next on base for this coming week – maybe some Sunstripe summer squash, new potatoes, carrots and the first of the bush beans?

image imageimage

Approx savings compared to local market: $51.31

Total weight picked this week: 8.12 pounds

This week we planted:

Succession planting of fall seedlings has started in trays on the front porch – as early veggies start to bolt we will leave some to go to seed but most will be pulled out and replanted with seedlings for a smaller fall crop and a few for overwintering.  This week I direct seeding Scarlett Nantes and Napoli carrots where there was lettuce and bush beans where the spinach finished.  We also planted more Gypsy and Munchkin broccoli in cells after Mr. Nibbles took care of the first batch, Romaine and Buttercrunch lettuces and Ragged Jack and Dinosaur Kale.  The porch is shady so hopefully it will be cool enough to keep these from bolting too early; if it gets too hot I will have to turn on the lights and bring the trays inside until late summer.  Fingers crossed!

image image




“When God blesses the harvest, there is enough for the their as well as the gardner.” ~ Polish Proverb

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