Save Seeds, Save Money

This is the first time I have ever reblogged a post, but it is one to be shared – saving seeds not only saves money but protects diversity and creates a legacy! Wonderfully written and the photos are very helpful!!

That Bloomin' Garden

Save seeds, save money

Last week I taught a class about the importance of seed saving. Seed saving has been done for thousands of years. You can save seeds from plants in your garden and dry them to use for years to come. Plants produce thousands of seeds, usually many more than they need. You see, not all seeds survive when they drop to the ground. Seeds must have the right environmental conditions to be able to grow. That’s why you see so many seeds on plants such as dandelions or poppies. I like to think of it as survival of the fittest. 

Save Seeds, Save Money

People wonder why I save seeds. I like to think that I am not only saving money but perhaps I am saving seeds from plants that you wouldn’t normally see in the garden centers. I save seeds from heirloom tomatoes, unusual cucumbers and old-fashioned flowers that are not as readily available…

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