Fed up. Hoops Up!

This is a post from last April as we gave up waiting for Old Man Winter to leave us alone. I am hoping to get some therapeutic alone time in the dirt this weekend and set up some hoops to get a jump on this season – a whole month earlier than last year!! If all goes as planned, I hope to get some spinach, asian greens, beets, onions, radish and turnip in the ground under tunnels and some snow peas under frost blankets. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty!!

Nova Scotia Roots

It snowed again today.  No accumulation, but big, wet, yucky flakes came down.  Again.  Mother Nature and I are having a time out.  A pause.  I am trying to be the bigger person and not throw a full on hissy fit – it is pretty tough, but so far I am in for the win.  This past weekend was glorious!  A large amount of snow had melted and by Sunday evening I had 4 raised beds thawed and moist and the main veggie bed almost visible.  There was hope!  I even started hardening off the early veggie babies and the perennial seedlings on the porch.  Apparently Mother Nature put her big old arctic mukluk wearing foot down.  But I am no schmuck – I got prepared. That does’t mean I am happy about it.

I am now a full 3 weeks behind where I was 2 years ago, not…

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