Tree Following – My Wee Girl’s Magnolia in June

My tree is getting bigger!  It is bigger than last month! This picture is from far away.  It has friends, a blackberry, a maple and a spruce. It is very happy this month!


These are it’s babies, they are buds. There are lots of buds but there are no flowers yet.


This is it’s bark that protects all of the branches, leaves and buds.


These are it’s leaves, the buds grow on them.  I think that there is 100 leaves. Wait, I don’t know?! Actually, I think there are 97 leaves…


See you next month!!!

Tree Following – My Wee Girl’s Magnolia in May

This is the first month of my wee girl’s endeavour’s to “Follow a Tree“.  She selected a Magnolia from our back yard that the girl’s gave me for Mother’s Day 2 years ago.  I won’t say what variety it is until it blooms because it is really quite spectacular and she wants it to be a surprise!

Each month she will head outside and take a picture of this tree (at least until November, at which point it may get boring to watch, but we will see…maybe the snow accumulation will be interesting!)  Depending on her thoughts of the day, she may write down her observations about the buds, blossoms, leaves, bark, nibblings etc. or she may just post a picture.  This tree has yet to be named, so I suspect one of these months it will be!


Here is her first picture (remember she is only 7, so it may not be centered or focussed, but I am not going to edit her work in any form, this is her personal project to learn from and reflect upon). She even picked her own quote this month! I think these little projects are such beautiful learning gems, I hope they get as much out of learning about their environment as I do from learning about them!

Early May has been cold, not much is happening…no big buds yet…hopefully June will bring some fun!

“We can learn a lot from trees; they’re always grounded, but never stop reaching heavenward.” ~Everett Mamor