Wildlife Wednesdays

My bigger girl loves animals.  As a little project to call her own, she will be posting a picture and a few of her thoughts about what goes on in the lives of our backyard friends.  I will add the links to her special stories as she finishes them under the main picture. Many other fun Wildlife Wednesday entries by others can be found on the host site http://mygardenersays.com/wildlife-wednesdays-2015/

It never ceases to amaze me what little imaginations can create when given the opportunity to share their thoughts…

May 2015


What the Chickadee sees….

June 2015


Showdown at “The Garden”

July 2015


Peter Who?!

2 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesdays

  1. I just came across your blog and love it. I hope to be retiring to NS and so look forward to starting my first garden. Your recipes are wonderful too. Hope that it’s a mild winter.


    • Nova Scotia is a great place – just be prepared to roll with it! Wind, wet, sun, heat bugs, critters, we have them all!! But if you plant enough to share with the wildlife you will hopefully win!! Fingers crossed for a mild winter for sure, thanks for reading!


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