Waste Not, Want Not – Radish Leaf Pesto

We like to try use as much of each veggie as possible so as to not waste all that hard work. Waste not, Want not! In the case of radish, it is hard to imagine that those prickly little greens could be of much use. To my delight, our CSA posted a recipe last year that is now a staple in our spring diet – Radish Leaf Pesto. It tastes similar to basil pesto, but “pepperier”…that is a word, right?! With radish ready to pick and lovely fresh salads, this pesto is one of my favourite to toss with pasta as a side. Mmmmm……


Step 1

In a mini chopper, add washed radish leaves and coat well with olive oil. Purée until nice and runny.


Step 2

Add fresh garlic cloves (I had these dried from last year, green garlic would also be lovely this time of year), salt and pepper to taste and real Parmesan cheese.

I have also added basil and pine nuts, but it is just as nice without it.


Toss on on pasta, et voila!!

” This Pesto is the best-o!” – Phoebe from Friends

8 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not – Radish Leaf Pesto

  1. Oh my goodness the instructions are here ! Oh happy day… In a week or two I shall be making some of this lovely pesto myself…Thanking you kindly for this post my dear… hugs

    Take care and happy cooking to ya, from Laura


  2. Excellent! I love pesto – this is a great idea. I have recently been adding those radish greens to my salads. I think it’s fine – but I am the only one eating my salads. Maybe this will get me some extra salad eaters.


  3. What a great idea. I’ve heard of using garlic scapes to make pesto but didn’t realize you could use other green leaves. I usually make large batches of basil pesto each summer and fall and then freeze them for winter. Luckily we still haven’t finished last year’s supply.


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