End of the Month Veggie Garden Photo Tour – July

July has been an interesting month in our gardens – first we had too much sun, then too much rain.  Visitors in search of broccoli and greens in the form of furry foes followed by the slugs that we had so luckily avoided all spring have kept us on our toes, but we persevere! We are now harvesting more than we can eat and the soup production, pesto freezing and jam making has begun for the winter.  We have bought a few tomatoes to hold us over until ours have ripened (soon!), but other than those, we have not purchased any other vegetables since May 24th!  I have always been envious of other gardner’s abundances of zucchini as I have had poor luck with it.  This year is the opposite!  Starting the seeds in black film under plastic hoops has proved to be more than a spectacular success – I am picking 4-6 per day and they are doubling in size daily!!  I will have a freezer full of baking at this rate! Thanks to the straw, cardboard and black film, weeding has been minimal.  I don’t think I have spent more than 6 hours all season and for that I am very grateful. Planting continues in dribs and drabs as early crops finish up.  The lettuce couldn’t handle the 30+ degrees during the day, nor could the spinach. So off to the compost pile it went and in their places more beans, beets, carrots and radish went in – it is a great way to succession plant! August will see more picking, very little planting and hopefully not a lot of weeding!!  We have high hopes for our tomatoes and beans and we can’t wait to pull fresh potatoes.  We are also looking forward to lots of blueberries and our first ever pickings of hardy kiwi. Here’s to July and high hopes for August!!

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24 thoughts on “End of the Month Veggie Garden Photo Tour – July

  1. Glad to hear you finally have had some luck with zucchini’s. They are such a great veggie and when they produce, boy do they produce. Your garden is looking super lush and I am very impressed that you have only bought a few tomatoes since 24th May. Impressive.


    • Thanks Lizzie! This week was probably our best harvest yet -the freezer is filling up with all kinds of winter goodies!! I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, they are behind this year….


  2. I would love to wander around our garden- it looks so productive and colourful. In summer, our delicate lettuce crops grow in beds covered in hoops which I drape, and peg, with shadecloth. This stops that bolting and woodiness that occurs in the hot season.. We get temperatures in the 40s at times, so I do this to quite a few crops.


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