Face to face with the Nefarious Mr. Nibbles

The day after I came face to face with the Nefarious Mr. Nibbles, the girls discovered his secret hide-away under the shed as he (or she) poked his nibbly little face out of the hole to seek out and destroy new tasty treats.  Tuesday was the sunflower bed under the bird feeders. Thankfully they were not prized plants, simply sunflowers that had grown opportunistically after falling-out of the feeders or perhaps after being dropped by a bird in flight. We watched as he poked his head out, looked around, clambered out and stretched.  He then stood on his back paws, reached up and grabbed a stalk, pulled it down and decimated it!  I had no idea ground hogs (aka wood chucks) had opposable thumbs!  I have to admit, he is pretty cute…did I just say that?!?!  After taking some pictures and videos, the girls proceeded to stand on the deck and play big red sports horns and trumpets to scare him away.  I haven’t seen him since yesterday morning, perhaps the noise was too much…time will tell.


See the large sunflower to the front right?  It is history now…


Grrrrrrrrrr…..We have a video as well, I couldn’t figure out how to load it here, but it is on our Nova Scotia Roots Facebook page if you’d like to see him taunting me in the flesh!


And to top off the day, look who we found caught in the garden?  The Persistent Peter Radish!! He Guest starred in my daughter’s last Wildlife Wednesday post.  I thought the fence was supposed to keep our furry friends out, not in!!

“But Peter, who was VERY naughty, ran straight away to Mr. McGregor’s garden, and squeezed under the gate.” ~ Beatrix Potter

15 thoughts on “Face to face with the Nefarious Mr. Nibbles

  1. Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud seeing the rabbit INSIDE the fence. Do you remember the movie ‘Phenomenon?’

    Sorry about your woes. Everyone’s gotta make a living. Even a groundhog and rabbit. Hope you reach an accord. 😀

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    • I remember the movie, I loved it, but I will have to watch it again! I am accepting their cuteness, the alternatives are not options. The fence will get bigger, we need a proper gate and it seem that the ground had did not like trumpets 🙂


      • He was working (throughout the entire movie) to fence OUT a rabbit, and he couldn’t figure out how it was getting in. Turned out his fencing was so good, he’d inadvertently fenced it in — and was feeding it good style.

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    • Yes, we have been fortunate as many of our neighbours have had them tearing up their lawns, under their driveways and even in their septic fields. Their isn’t much point to live trapping and relocating when their seem to be so many…trumpets and drums are the best option for us right now 🙂

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  2. Aww those are some bold but very cute furry critters. Love your descriptions! I remember one year we planted a few stalks of corn in our garden and they were just about ready to pick; we thought, one more day and they’ll be perfect. We went out the next morning to pick them and every last one was gone. The raccoons must have had the same idea; one more day and they’ll be just right lol. Ah well, I’m of the opinion that if we’re gonna plant things we may as well plant enough for our furry friends as well 🙂

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    • We have had the exact some thing happen with racoons and corn! We knew it was racoons as well because they piled the stalks so neatly!! I have heard that i you use packing tape and secure the ears to the stalk just before they are ripe the racoons can’t steal them…I think I may try that if we get any decent ears this year! I said earlier this year that I should have planted a bunny buffet, next year it will happen for sure 🙂

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